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Annuities - What You Should Know First

By Roger Mckenzie
Annuities can be a great part of an investment strategy for retirement. They offer tax deferred growth, the opportunity for a secured principal, and can offer many of the same growth opportunities as stocks and mutual funds. However, despite the many benefits, annuities are not right for everyone. Whether or not a variable, fixed, or index annuity is right for you, depends on many factors.

Fixed Annuity Products - Five Marketing Tips For Insurance Agents Or Brokers Selling Fixed Annuities

By Chris A Miller
Fixed annuity products are an excellent choice for insurance agents to market to their clients. How to present fixed annuities to prospective clients is often the main issue insurance agents who face. Here are 5 Marketing Tips to help insurance agents or brokers who want to successfully sell fixed annuities.

Why I Like Fixed Annuities

By Bryan J. Anderson
Financial products, like everything else, evolve over time. Financial institutions are constantly working to develop new products that will give them a competitive edge against other companies. The market nowadays is flooded with too many new, flashy products that are really untested in the long run. But Fixed Annuities have stood the test of time, and are worth some serious consideration.

Annuities Reviews | Annuity Fyi | Tax Shelter Annuity | Deferred Annuity Calculator | Annuity Definition Variable | Amerus Annuity Group