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Who Needs Life Annuities?

By Eric Leroy
You may have money in a pension that is having trouble in this economy. An alternative are life annuities which are more diversified. Read about how that may be better for you than your pension in this article.

Current Annuities - Riders That Offer Specific Benefits

By Thomas Greg Eller
When investors research current annuities today, what they are likely to find is that there are a large number of optional features that are now available as additional features on the annuity product. These options, often referred to as riders, allow annuity holders to access some additional benefits that are not offered within the main annuity product.

High Interest Annuities - An Attractive Option

By Tom Lustina
With today's bleak economic climate, it seems that no income is 100 percent secure. That is why high interest annuities are something all smart individuals in good financial standing should consider. Superior to most other loan-based investments, these annuities can be either fixed, variable, or equity-indexed.

Utilizing Variable Annuities

By Sara Spencer
Investing in variable annuities can be risky business if you do not know what you are doing. After maxing out their annual contributions to their 401(k) or other tax deferred investment vehicles such as an IRA many people want to know where else they can invest their money. Variable annuities can be a great vehicle of this nature.

Tips to Help You Settle on the Annuity Suitability

By Robert C Eldridge Jr
With the pension amounts shrinking each year, it is important you make well-informed decisions after retirement to stretch the pension-pot as far as possible. An Annuity is a simple, concept and converts the pension-pot into a regular income stream which funds you after the retirement for rest of life. As one gets near to his retirement, he will get quotes from different pension firms that tell him how much money they are willing to give him based on value of his pension.

Annuities Reviews | Annuity Fyi | Tax Shelter Annuity | Deferred Annuity Calculator | Annuity Definition Variable | Amerus Annuity Group